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About Finitas

Spectas AG was founded in November 2016 by Nicola Fantini and Frank Purmann. Together with their development and quality assurance team, the partners developed an innovative solution (Spectas) for the audit process with the aim of making the benefits of digitalization accessible to audit firms.

In 2023, Spectas AG developed a second product called Finitas. Finitas is based on Spectas' annual financial statements and enables trust companies to prepare their annual financial statements in a standardized form. Finitas customers therefore benefit from years of experience and the corresponding developments that were made for Spectas audit customers.

This is our story

Finitas, the most efficient audit solution in Switzerland


Founding of Spectas AG and development of the Spectas online revision tool. Paperless, location-independent teamwork is becoming a reality. No installations and no server operation necessary.


First customers work with Spectas for the limited revision. The integrated data management system enables a significant increase in efficiency


Regular revision now also in Spectas, OBT becomes Spectas customer and carries out over 1000 revisions with Spectas


Development and market launch of Finitas. From now on, trust offices can prepare their annual financial statements in a standardized, simple and efficient manner with Finitas

Carry out your work efficiently with Finitas online directly with your clients.

A perfect solution for online accountants


Our Team

The founders of Spectas AG

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Nicola Fantini

lic. lic. oec. publ. Business informatics partner
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Frank Purmann

lic. lic. oec. publ. Business informatics partner