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Benefits of Finitas

Compared to Excel

Overview of all clients (dashboard, control list)

The overview corresponds to the control list recommended by EXPERTsuisse, which gives a good overview of the essential aspects of all clients.

Overview of annual statements (Cockpit)

The cockpit provides a good overview of the financial closings.

Guided, flexible creation of annual report

Finitas enables a systematic and standardized creation of the annual report.

Specifically supported are:

  • Import and standardized structure of the annual statements
  • Closing actions
  • Silent reserves
  • Distribution of profit
  • Appendix

Work in a team

All team members always have the latest data and can work together on the annual report. No synchronization efforts required.

Document management, linking of items of the annual statement with related documents

Documents can be linked to specific position of the annual statements, the annual report or the closing actions.

Traceability and verification are thus greatly simplified. Also missing but necessary documents are recognized immediately. Upon receipt of the documents, they can easily be assigned to the position using drag & drop.

Simple data import (annual invoice)

The annual statements can be imported from any ERP / accounting solution. The annual statement will be exported from the ERP / accounting system as an xls and can then be imported into Finitas with a simple mechanism and be transformed into a standardized structure.

Document exchange with client

The client can upload their documents directly through secure access to their account associated with their revision. This is simplifying the work of the fiduciary, as both the client and the fiduciary have the same view of the documents provided.

For an efficient creation of the annual report

You can test Finitas for 30 days free of charge

Test it 30 days for free

Benefits of Finitas

Compared to other solutions


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First and only online solution

Finitas is the best online solution for the creation of the annual report. You do not need any installation. You will receive a direct and secure access to your annual reportings on a Swisscom server in Switzerland.

You can exchange documents with your clients and involve him or external experts in the creation of the annual report.

Higher security

Due to the online exchange of files between the customer and the fiduciary, data will be transferred only through a secure and encrypted connection. In addition, the data is protected behind professionally managed firewalls in Swisscom's data centers. Attacks on local data, such as those that took place worldwide in the spring of 2017, can thus be prevented.

Electronic signature with EXPERT SUISSE solution

With Finitas you can sign your documents electronically using the solution recommended by EXPERT SUISSE (Skribble). The legally valid signed document can be made available to your client within Finitas.


No own hardware or software necessary

For Finitas you only need a browser and internet access. Finitas is operated in the highly secured compute centers of Swisscom. Access is protected according to e-banking standards. No installation and server costs, software licenses and sequrity updates.

No backup necessary

Backups are made automatically and daily in the Swisscom data center. It is no longer necessary to create backups manually.

Any number of users (no restrictions)

There are no restrictions in Finitas on the number of users for the creation of the annual report.

You can set up new internal and external users without additional costs.

Rapid integration of partners

New users can be set up themselves and immediate access is possible.

With Finitas you can include a partner company for the creation of a specific annual report.

For an efficient creation of annual reports

You can test Finitas for 30 days fee of charge.

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Test Finitas now for 30 days free of charge

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Benefits of Finitas

General Benefits

Everything is always saved

As Finitas always stores all date, they are automatically secured. No data loss.

Data are stored in highly secure data centers (Swisscom)

The high-security data centers met the highest requirements. Your data is thus much better protected than on a local server or on the PC.

Automatic update of best practices

Finitas ensures that always relevant standards and best practices are applied.


Quality Assurance

With Finitas, the quality assurance procedures are integrated and automatically applied. Therefore quality is assured.

Clear archiving

When you have finished the annual report, you can create a PDF with all the closing actions. This PDF can be stored within Finitas or externally.

You can also create a ZIP file with all files used for the creation of the annual report for your reference, which again can be stored in Finitas or archived externally.

No data transmission via e-mail

With Finitas, all data are protected and encrypted. It is not necessary anymore, that customers send their files in an unprotected way by e-mail.

German / French / English

At the login on Finitas you can choose your language (German, French, English). The annual report can be created in all these languages

For an efficient creation of the annual report

You can test Finitas for 30 days free of charge

Test it 30 days for free