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Our prices

From 5 mandates

CHF 54.-

mandate / year

From 15 mandates

CHF 48.-

mandate / year

From 30 mandates

CHF 45.-

mandate / year

From 50 mandates

CHF 40.-

mandate / year

From 100 mandates

CHF 35.-

mandate / year

From 150 mandates

CHF 32.-

mandate / year

If you have any questions about our prices, please feel free to contact us using our contact form.

The prices include an unlimited number of annual financial statements and users per client as well as document storage (acceptable use policy, AUP). A support ticket system with a customer support portal is also available.

Other options (price on request)

  • Skribble Integration in Finitas (elektronische Unterschrift)
  • Additional training
  • Extended support module

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